Employee Flu Shot & Immunizations

Passport Health/Staying Healthy Medical Services will be providing on site vaccination clinics for Carrollton Farmers Branch ISD this fall.

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We are able to accept the following insurances:

  • ALL TRS Plans offered through Blue Cross Blue Shield- covered at 100%
  • Aetna*
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield*
  • Cigna *
  • Humana
  • United Health Care 
  • Medicare Part B (Flu shots only-please provide a copy of any supplement plans also)
  • Scott & White

We do not accept HMO plans other than BCBS Primary, Primary+ and Scott & White.
*We are unable to accept Aetna & Blue Cross Gold, Silver & Bronze plans and Cigna Local Plus.  Please see the consent forms for other known exceptions of plans that do not cover vaccines at 100%.

A paper copy of your current insurance card and driver’s license are required.  Please bring your paper copies with you when you receive your vaccines.  Electronic cards cannot be accepted.

We will have the following vaccines available:

Vaccine Cost with insurance Cost without an accepted insurance
Quadrivalent Flu Shot No charge $21
COVID-19 Vaccine (Moderna) ages 18 & up No charge No charge
COVID-19 3rd Moderna Dose (at least 28 days between doses) No charge No charge
Hepatitis A No charge $125
Hepatitis B No charge $125
HPV (Gardasil) up to age 45 No charge $280
Meningitis No charge $175
MMR No charge $145
Pneumonia (Pneumovax23) ages 50-64 if using insurance No charge $160
Pneumonia (Prevnar 13 )ages 50-64 if using insurance No charge $300
Tetanus Diphtheria with Pertussis No charge $70
Shingles (Shingrix) ages 50-64 if using insurance No charge $190
B12 Shot $20 $20

If paying for any vaccines and/or B12, we accept cash or check made out to Staying Healthy Medical Services.

After you sign up online, you will see a confirmation page.  There will be a link for you to print out the consent form for vaccinations.  You only need to print out one consent form for vaccinations. B12 & COVID vaccine will each require a separate form.  If you have questions about any particular vaccination, please see our nurse on the day of the clinic. 

The new Shingles vaccine (Shingrix) will be available for employees (age 50-64 only if using insurance).  Please note that this vaccine is known to cause more frequent local reactions than other routine immunizations and cannot be given to anyone younger than 50 years old.

For individuals age 65 or over, only flu and COVID vaccines can be administered if using insurance. Age appropriate vaccines can be administered to those 65 and over that are paying out of pocket for the vaccine.

If you received routine vaccinations from Staying Healthy Medical Services, other than flu, in previous years and need a copy of your records, please email us at info@stayinghealthymedical.com.   In the email you will need to include your name and birthdate.  Depending on the carrier, insurance claims may be filed as Community Health and Immunization Services or Staying Healthy Medical Services.

Blue Cross Blue Shield: 866‐355‐5999 24/7 Nurse Line: 833‐968‐1770
Scott & White Health plan: 844‐633‐5325 (M‐F, 7‐7) Nurse Line: 877‐505‐7947

Campus Date Start Time End Time
Administration Board Room (1445 N. Perry Rd, Carrollton) 2/10/2023 2:30 p.m. 5:30 p.m.