Part Time/Temporary/Substitute Benefits

Open Enrollment
July 15-August 16, 2024

All substitute, temporary, and part time employees!

You are eligible for medical insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act. You do not have to accept this insurance, but action is required.

Please visit to enroll in or decline coverage each year. Login is easier this year with your name and date-of-birth!

Deadline: August 16th or within 31 days of hire



You also have access to the free Employee Assistance plan (EAP) for free behavioral health counseling and wellness coaching for yourself, spouse, and children under age 26. Limited financial and legal counseling is also included. There is no need to enroll in this free program, call the number below for assistance and identify yourself as an employee or dependent of Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD.


All employees are eligible to make elective deferrals to a 403(b) or 457(b) plan with CFBISD in addition to the required 457(b) FICA Alternative plan. You may start, change or stop elective contributions any time during the year at or call TCG at 800-943-9179 Log in to elect a beneficiary, update your address, or request a rollover/ disbursement for your mandatory 457(b) FICA Alt Retirement fund.

Life Assistance & Wellness Program - 24/7 support
Phone: 800-344-9752 (Web ID: NYLGBS)

For assistance with log in, contact the CFBISD Helpdesk at 972-968-4357 or
For Enrollment assistance contact FBS Call Center at 866-914-5202 or

2024-2025 Monthly Rates

Rates are higher for part time employees due to subs & part-time employees not contributing to TRS for retirement.

monthly rates bcbs activecare primary bcbs activecare HD BCBS ActiveCare Primary + Scott & White HMO
Network Texas only PCP* National PPO Texas Only PCP* Regional HMO*
Employee Only $501 $513 $588 Discontinued
Employee & Spouse $1,353 $1,386 $1,529 Discontinued
Employee & Child(ren) $852 $873 $1,000 Discontinued
Employee & Family $1,704 $1,745 $1,941 Discontinued
Individual $2,500 $3,200 $1,200 Suggest Primary+
Family $5,000 $6,400 $2,400  
Office Visit Copay $30/$70 30% after deductible $15/$70  
Coinsurance 30% after deductible 30% after deductible 20% after deductible  

Out-of-pocket Max

Individual $8,050 $8,050 $6,900  
Family $16,100 15,000 $13,800  
  • Payment is deducted from your paychecks on a post tax basis.
  • If we cannot deduct the full premium from your pay, you must provide a check or money order to the Benefits Department by the 20th of the month.
  • If declining during New Hire Open Enrollment, you may enroll later in the year within 31 days of full-time hire or if a qualifying event occurs. Contact Benefits for questions regarding qualifying events at
  • NOTE: Dependent information is required even if you are not enrolling yourself or any dependents for coverage. This is an IRS requirement.
  • Dependents: Spouse & children 26 years and younger (others may qualify)

* Texas Only PCP – Texas only network, requires Primary Care Physician, referrals for specialists other than in-network OBGYN, Pediatrician, Behavioral Health, Urgent Care. No out of network benefits available unless life threatening emergency.
* Scott & White HMO – Discontinued 8/31/2023. Most similar to Primary+ plan.
* Telehealth available on all plans for covered members