Insurance Card Information

Cards will be sent soon

New Benefit Year begins September 1

MEDICAL CARD – Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) 866-355-5999
New Enrollees in ActiveCare medical coverage will receive a new medical card but you can continue to use your current ActiveCare card until it arrives or download a temporary card from

MEDICAL CARD – Scott & White HMO Health Plan 844-633-5325

PHARMACY CARD – Express Scripts 844-367-6108
You will receive a new Express Scripts Pharmacy card replacing the old Caremark Pharmacy card. You can still go to a CVS pharmacy, as well as most other pharmacies except Kroger. You may use the temporary Express Scripts card listed under Benefits & Forms
Check medication costs, find a pharmacy or print a personalized card at

DENTAL CARD – Cigna PPO & DHMO 800-244-6224
New cards are only sent if you are newly enrolled in the Cigna dental plans. If you need a new or additional card or to change your assigned DHMO dental office, contact CIGNA 24/7 at 800-244-6224 or DHMO Plan: Only eligible services received thru your assigned dental office are covered.

VISION CARD – United HealthCare 800-638-3120
Generic Vision cards will be emailed from the Benefit Dept. to everyone enrolled in vision. You can print a personalized temporary card at or a generic temporary card (without logging in) listed under Benefits & Forms at Use the UHC In-network Provider lookup for the highest level of benefits on the United Health Care Vision Plans Network plan:

MEDICAL FLEXIBLE SPENDING CARD (FSA) – National Benefit Services 855-399-3035
New cards are only sent if you are newly enrolled in medical flex with CFBISD or your card has expired after 3 years. If you need a new or additional card, contact NBS M-F 7am-7pm at 855-399-3035. Be sure to specify if it is a replacement card or a card for a family member. If you request a replacement card, they will void the original. If you have had CFBISD NBS Medical Flex Account in the past, they will load the card you have now with your funds for next year. (2022/2023 grace period deadline to spend is 11/14/2023) New cards should arrive by late September. Current cards should be funded by mid-September.

HEALTH SAVINGS ACCOUNT CARD (H.S.A.) – H.S.A. Bank 800-357-6246
New cards are only sent if you are newly enrolled in health savings account thru CFBISD or your card has expired. If you need a new or additional card, contact H.S.A. Bank 24/7 at 800-357-6246. Be sure to
specify if it is a replacement card or a card for a family member. If you request a replacement card, they will void the original. New participants should receive their cards by late September.

TELEHEALTH – MDLive 888-365-1663
If you enrolled in the extra telehealth, $12/month, the Benefit Dept. will email you a generic card with contact info. Do not use the contact info available to the general public or you will be charged full price.

If you do not want the coverage and did not cancel it during open enrollment, you can cancel by contacting or calling 972-968-6120. Enrollment for MDLive Telehealth is open throughout the year, coverage begins the first of the month after you enroll. This would be ideal for employees with dependents with no insurance or no telehealth. Be sure to use the designated contact numbers above for MDLive for the free consults. Keep in mind that if you or family members are covered on one of the TRS ActiveCare or HMO plans, covered members have telehealth coverage. The ActiveCare HD plan with Teladoc has a $42 copay and RediMD has a $30 copay for telehealth but mental health telehealth is applied to deductible; ActiveCare Primary/Primary+ and ActiveCare 2 have free copays for telehealth with RediMD and $12 copays with Teladoc and $0 copays for mental health. The Scott & White HMO has virtual care available from 8am-8pm, and now 24/7 access to MDLive with $0 copay thru the phone number on the back of the Scott & White medical card 800-728-7947.

EMPLOYEE ASSISTANCE PLAN (EAP) – New York Life Employee Assistance Plan 800-344-9752
Did you know all CFBISD employees (including substitute and part time employees) have a free EAP? Covers you, your spouse, children, stepchildren for 3 free confidential counseling sessions per person, per problem, per year. Telephone help available 24/7 or online at Includes free Wellness Coaching, limited advice also available on legal questions, financial advice, online wills and child/elder care referrals. Give this number to your adult children under 26, married or unmarried, they are eligible too.

CANCER PLAN – American Public Life (APL) 800-256-8606, new enrollees will receive a welcome packet & policy with coverage details

LIFE INSURANCE – CIGNA/New York Life Policy # SLH0100026. If you enrolled in coverage over 200k for yourself or over 50k for your spouse you will receive a letter or email from New York Life with a link to answer medical questions for the extra coverage. If you do nothing, you will still have the coverage already approved. Group plan summary available online at

ACCIDENT PLAN – CIGNA 800-244-6224, plan details at

IDENTITIY THEFT – Info Armor 800-789-2720, you will receive an email welcome, with a link to register & activate your account for the highest level of monitoring.

DISABILITY – CIGNA/New York Life, 800-362-4462
Policy # SLH0100026 group plan summary available online at

How to file a claim: call 800-362-4462

HOSPITAL INDEMNITY PLAN – CIGNA 800-754-3207, Plan details at

How to file a claim

EMERGENCY TRANSPORTATION – MASA 800-643-9023, plan details at