After the Bell Campuses

The ATB sites have a capacity of 125 students. Parents should enter their child’s information on the Interest Form at the After the Bell website if their child is not allowed to attend. Student names will be placed on a Waiting List in chronological order. OPEN sites have room to add more students to their program.

School Open/Closed
Blair Open
Blanton Open
Carrollton Open
Central Closed
Country Place Closed
Davis Open
Farmers Branch Closed
Freeman Closed
Furneaux Open
Good Open
Kent Closed
Landry Open
Landry SPED Open
Las Colinas Closed
La Villita Closed
McCoy Closed
McKamy Closed
McLaughlin/Strickland Open
McWhorter Closed
Rainwater Closed
Rainwater SPED Closed
Riverchase Open
Rosemeade Closed
Sheffield Intermediate Open
Sheffield Primary Open
Stark Closed
Thompson Open
Turner Open