Kindergarten LEAP Prerequisite Skills

Prerequisite Skills for LEAP Testing: Students Entering Kindergarten

All kindergartners enrolled in CFBISD are screened for GT services in the fall semester. LEAP testing is only recommended for students who are reading 1-2 grade levels advanced and have mastered basic math concepts. Testing is a process that may require two or more visits.

Students should demonstrate high academic ability and should have already mastered many kindergarten concepts. Examples of mastery are listed below.

Students entering kindergarten should have the ability to:

  • Read and comprehend beyond phonetic/early reader text such as Go Dog Go, Hop On Pop, and Bob books
  • Retell short stories without referring to the text
  • Share the main idea of a story
  • Verbally formulate ideas in complete sentences  Write sentences to express their thoughts and ideas with rich vocabulary and beginning understanding of writing conventions
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of advanced math concepts, such as:
    • Recognizing fractional parts
    • Pattern recognition
    • Addition and subtraction
    • Measurement- inch, foot, centimeter and Money- penny, nickel, dime, and quarter
    • Charts and graphs, interpreting simple data
    • Problem solving, including extrapolating important information from word problems
    • Identify and classify 2D and 3D shapes
    • Tell time to the hour and half hour
    • Skip count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s
    • Place value of whole numbers: ones, tens, hundreds

Students must be fluent readers to be successful in the spring/summer testing. The following is an example of a passage they should be able to read without help. They should also be able to correctly answer questions about the story.

Bob’s class went to visit a fire station. One of the firemen was at the door. He said he was happy to see the class. He showed the class a big fire truck. Then, he showed them a car. The car and the truck were both red. The big truck had a long ladder on it. Then the class went back to school. They were very happy. They told their teacher they wanted to go again.

If your child has mastered the above concepts, he or she may be a candidate for LEAP testing.