2nd Grade LEAP Prerequisite Skills

Prerequisite Skills for LEAP Testing: Students Entering Second Grade

LEAP testing is only recommended for students who are reading 1-2 grade levels advanced and have mastered basic math concepts. Testing is a process that may require two or more visits.

Students should demonstrate high academic ability and should have already mastered many second grade concepts. Examples of mastery are listed below.

Students entering second grade should have the ability to:

  • Fluently read and comprehend chapter books
    • Identify characters’ feelings and how characters change throughout the story
    • Identify the author’s purpose
    • Cite text evidence when justifying answers
    • Make meaning beyond the text, such as drawing conclusions, making inferences and predictions, and making generalizations
  • Share the main idea of a story, as well as supporting details
  • Verbally express ideas in complete sentences
  • Write several sentences to express their thoughts and ideas with advanced vocabulary and with strong command of writing conventions
  • Demonstrate basic understanding of advanced math concepts, such as:
    • Beginning computation with fractions
    • Geometry, including vocabulary such as “vertices”
    • Pattern recognition and extension
    • Memorized addition and subtraction combinations of numbers that make 20 without using fingers to count
    • Demonstrate multiple ways to solve addition and subtraction problems
    • Multiplication and division, developing fluency with basic multiplication and division facts
    • Telling time on digital and analog clocks, to the five minutes
    • Calculating elapsed time
    • Measurement- inch, foot, centimeter, meter, etc.
    • Money- penny, nickel, dime, quarter, etc.
    • Charts and graphs, interpreting data
    • Problem solving, including extrapolating important information from word problems

If your child has mastered the above concepts, he or she may be a candidate for LEAP testing.