1st Grade LEAP Prerequisite Skills

Prerequisite Skills for LEAP Testing: Students Entering First Grade

All first graders enrolled in CFBISD are screened for GT services in the fall semester. LEAP testing is only recommended for students who are reading 1-2 grade levels advanced and have mastered basic math concepts. Testing is a process that may require two or more visits.

Students should demonstrate high academic ability and should have already mastered many first grade concepts. Examples of mastery are listed below.

Students entering first grade should have the ability to:

  • Read and comprehend beginning chapter books, such as Magic Tree House, Magic School Bus, A to Z Mysteries, etc.
    • Some features of this level of text include but are not limited to:
      • Full pages of text, with an average of approximately 10 words per sentence
      • Complex sentences with more specialized vocabulary
      • Illustrations are often used to extend meaning, rather than to make meaning of the text
      • Breaks in characters’ dialogue
    • Retell short stories without referring to the text
    • Share the main idea of a story
    • Verbally formulate ideas in complete sentences
    • Write several sentences to express their thoughts and ideas with advanced vocabulary and beginning understanding of writing conventions
    • Demonstrate basic understanding of advanced math concepts through computation, as well as through explanation, such as:
      • Recognizing fractional parts
      • Geometry beyond basic shapes, including pattern recognition, classify 2D and 3D shapes
      • Solve one-step and multi-step addition and subtraction problems
      • Measurement- inch, foot, centimeter, meter, etc.
      • Time and Money- hour, half hour, penny, nickel, dime, and quarter
      • Charts and graphs, interpreting simple data
      • Problem solving, including extrapolating important information from word problems
      • Place value of whole numbers: ones, tens, hundreds
      • Understands that multiplication is repeated addition

Students must be fluent readers to be successful in the spring/summer testing. Following is an example of a passage they should be able to read without help:

The Friendly Dolphin
I’m a friendly dolphin living in the sparkling blue waters near the coast. My beautiful gray mother and I swim in the water side by side. Our sleek bodies turn with a flick of our powerful flippers. One day, my mother and I swam near a white sandy beach filled with happy families. “Mom, let’s see how fast we can go!” I exclaimed. As we sped just below the surface, our top, or dorsal, fins sliced through the water. “Eek! Look out!” screamed the children swimming nearby. The children and their parents turned in terror and splashed in panic toward the beach. “Why did the families bolt for the beach, Mother?” I asked sadly. “All they saw was your fin. I think it’s time to use your strong tail to propel you from the water,” she added. “When they see you leap in a graceful arc, they’ll see that you are a dolphin.”

Examples of comprehension questions students should be able to correctly answer and justify:

  • How did the young dolphin feel when the people bolted for the beach? How do you know? (Text evidence)
  • Why do you suppose the dolphin was sad when the people bolted? (Inference)
  • What were the families thinking when they first saw the fin at the surface of the water? (Inference)
  • What do you think the young dolphin will do the next time he sees people in the water? (Prediction)

If your child has mastered the above concepts, he or she may be a candidate for LEAP testing.