The LEAP Program Interest Form is designed to gather information to determine your child’s possible educational need for gifted programming.  It also explains in greater detail eligibility criteria and the application process.  Once this form has been submitted and additional documents have been received, you will be contacted by Advanced Academics about next steps.

LEAP Program Interest Form

LEAP, an acronym for Leading Exceptional Academic Producers, is a self-contained program for the exceptionally gifted child. The focus of the elementary program is to provide an environment which strives to meet the academic and social/emotional needs of the students. LEAP is a sequential and holistic program that seeks to integrate the intellectual and affective aspects of the highly gifted child. The curriculum emphasizes academic challenge, self- directed learning, and both creative and productive outcomes. Educational experiences also are designed to promote global and cultural awareness, curiosity, and reflective thinking.

Success for each child in the LEAP program is determined by individual responses to the challenges offered. While the program is designed to reflect the individual needs of each student, it emphasizes growth equally in all academic areas, thereby promoting the development of a well-rounded individual.

Because LEAP students may be functioning significantly above their chronological age,  their instruction is unique, providing both vertical and horizontal depth and acceleration, cooperative learning, and continually challenging opportunities for application and transfer of learning.

The LEAP program is a unique educational option. Questions may arise pertaining to program and curriculum expectations, as well as student performance. Teachers recognize the need to address these questions and schedule an individual conference with each student’s parents or guardian after the first weeks of school.  Parents wishing to schedule a conference need to contact the teacher directly.

If a parent wishes to appeal the decision made by the placement committee, a request may be submitted in writing by letter or email to the Campus Advanced Academics Specialist 14 calendar days from the postmark on the envelope of the placement decision letter.  Conditions for appeals:

  • A parent believes misinterpretation of data has occurred
  • An inappropriate application of the identification process is alleged
  • Parents have substantial evidence that, when added to the existing information, creates a compelling “preponderance of evidence” regarding the student’s need for program services