Advanced Academics

Advanced Academic Services

Front row (left to right)
Niccole Cunningham, Michelle Wilson, Stacy Carroll, Olga Lawrence

Back row (left to right)
Shatiqueka Carson, Sarah Eaton, MaryAnn Condie, Ruthe Houser

Mission Statement: To serve gifted and academically advanced learners by providing educational experiences designed to meet the need for intellectual challenge, promote global and cultural awareness, foster self-directed learning, and stimulate life-long habits: curiosity, creativity, and reflective thinking.

The CFBISD Advanced Academics and World Languages Department works each day to identify and serve students who demonstrate need for greater academic challenge in order to learn and grow. The department has been identifying and serving gifted students for over 35 years.

The team of eight includes Stacy Carroll, Olga Lawrence, Ruthe Houser, Mary Ann Condie, Sarah Eaton, Michelle Wilson, Niccole Cunningham and Shay Carson.  “We work with teachers, CFBISD staff from many departments, and parents to deliver and integrate resources and continually improve the educational experience for students,” said Dr. Schaeffer. “We also provide opportunities for students to learn a world language and to become more aware of the larger global community of which we are a part.”

Department functions include leading and providing support for the following:

  • Differentiation in the classroom to meet the needs of gifted students
  • AP College Board program
  • OnRamps UT dual enrollment program
  • World Language experiences for learners
  • Training teachers to create confident communicators in the languages they teach
  • International Baccalaureate continuum K-12 program support

*Interesting Facts: 

  • 2,513 or 10.12% of CFB students were identified Gifted
  • 273 CFB high school students became AP College Board Scholars
  • 3,260 AP College Board tests were given to 1,985 CFB high school students
  • 605 CFB middle and high school students took the AP Spanish College Board Exam

Stacy Carroll
Executive Director

Mary Ann Condie
Gifted and Talented Specialist

Michelle Wilson
Gifted and Talented Specialist


Shay Carson
World Languages Coordinator

Niccole Cunningham
Gifted and Talented Specialist

Sarah Eaton
Gifted and Talented Specialist

Ruthe Houser
Secretary  Advanced Academic  Services

Olga Lawrence
Department Manager