UT OnRamps

UT OnRamps classes offer students the opportunity to experience college-level curriculum while still in high school. Students can earn UT University credit with qualifying scores in their coursework.

In CFBISD, students may currently choose from 6 UT OnRamps classes based on the campus of their choice.

What is UT OnRamps?
OnRamps offers distance education courses via a dual enrollment model. Students are enrolled in both a high school course, led by a high school teacher, and a distance college course, led by a college instructor of record.  Each OnRamps high school teacher evaluates and gives the student's high school grade.  Each college instructor of record is solely responsible for evaluating and awarding the student's college grade.  Based on the grade received in the college course, students have the opportunity to accept college credit, guaranteed to be transferable to any public institution in the state of Texas.

More Information regarding UT OnRamps

Inquiries related to UT OnRamps should be directed to Michelle Wilson at 972-968-4372.