Advanced Placement

Advanced Placement Classes

Advanced Placement AP® classes offer students the opportunity to experience college-level curriculum while still in high school. Students can earn college credit with qualifying scores on the AP® exams taken in May of each school year.

In CFBISD, students can choose from 30 AP® classes.

What is Advanced Placement (AP)?
The Advanced Placement (AP) Program is a cooperative educational endeavor between secondary schools and colleges and universities. It allows high school students to undertake college-level academic learning in AP courses, and gives them the opportunity to show that they have mastered the advanced material by taking the AP Exams. Students can receive credit, advanced placement, or both from colleges and universities that participate in the College Board’s Advanced Placement Program. It is important for students to check with the college or university they plan to attend regarding the AP Exam credit qualifications it will accept.

AP courses make substantial academic demands on students. Most courses are a full year in length. Students are required to do considerable outside reading and other assignments and to demonstrate the analytical skills and writing abilities expected of first year students in a strong college program. This experience helps students develop the intellectual skills and self-discipline they will need in college.

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