Advanced Academic Services

Secondary Advanced Programming
Advanced Placement AP® and UT OnRamps classes offer students the opportunity to experience college-level curriculum while still in high school. 

If a student is interested in AP or UT OnRamps who should they contact?
Contact your school counselor or teacher.

How many advanced courses should a student take?
The number of courses a student should take rests on the ability of the student, their other obligations and their commitment to the course’s rigor.

Must a student be identified for the ACE/Advanced Learner or LEAP gifted program to take advanced courses?
No. Students who are willing to commit to substantial academic demands and willing to do the outside reading should consider advanced courses.

Additional Information:
For additional information regarding gifted and talented programs, contact your child’s teacher, counselor or principal. Additional information may be obtained by calling Michelle Wilson at 972-968-4372.