Volunteer Eligibility Standards

A school district must perform a criminal history record search for all teachers and volunteers. When a volunteer applicant registers with the ParentSquare platform, they must complete a background check form in accordance with the provisions of the Texas Education Code  Section 22.083. CFBISD requires all volunteers to complete this background check, regardless if they are a parent or guardian, to ensure the highest level of safety for our students. 

Eligibility Requirements

Volunteers are eligible to perform any volunteer roles (such as a field trip chaperone, mentoring or internship role) and can supervise or be left alone with a child/children that is not their child/under their guardianship while at a school sponsored event on or off campus if they are not disqualified under the following criteria:

Applicant Disqualifications

An applicant is disqualified* and can not participate in volunteer opportunities if the applicant Is found guilty, convicted, placed on deferred adjudication/community service, sentenced by the court in conjunction with a guilty sentence for:

  • Sexual Offenses

  • Any Offense Against or Involving a Minor (Child)

  • Any Weapons related Offense

  • Any Abuse or Neglect related Offenses

  • Any Felony Convictions involving Delivery, Manufacturing, or Possession of substances 

  • Any Drug or Alcohol related Felony Offenses

  • Misdemeanor Drug or Alcohol Offenses within the last 3 years (from the disposition date)

  • Any Active Warrant for Arrest

  • Any Pending Criminal Charges

  • OR any other acts as determined by the District as dangerous to staff, students, or District property.

* Criminal history dispositions that have been dismissed, pardoned, or expunged will not disqualify an applicant. 

Not Eligible

If the applicant is a parent or guardian, they are welcome to continue to attend campus events with their child(ren) in accordance with campus visitor policies and procedures, but will not be allowed to serve as a volunteer or mentor. To visit your child(ren) at school or at a campus sponsored event, please contact the campus(es) your child(ren) attends.