Steps for Background Check

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Parents/Guardians can complete the background check now in ParentSquare

  1. Login to your ParentSquare Account
  2. Expand "Participate" on the navigation menu
  3. Select "Background Check" and complete application
Background check parentsquare screenshot

Mobile View


Parentsquare screenshot

Desktop View


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Community members without a ParentSquare account

  1. Create a ParentSquare Account
    -Follow the prompts to create your account by providing your preferred email and cell number.

     “Account Confirmed” will appear on your screen
    -Once in your ParentSquare Account, click on “Participate” on the menu.
    A specific school must be selected from the dropdown school options to view "Participate"

  2. Expand "Participate" on the navigation menu
  3. Select "Background Check" and complete application.

Background check verification will be sent to your email within two working days.

Helpful Tips:

  1. You must select a school from the dropdown options to view “Participate”

  2. The background check option is not available if a background check has been conducted this school year.

  3. The background check verification email will come from Parent Square.

  4. If the “submit” button will not activate at the end of the background check form, please verify that all fields are completed.