Impact Now!

Impact Now! is a new CFBISD Educational Foundation program developed to provide financial assistance, utilizing community and corporate contributions, to CFB students who display promise and need in one of the following seven Impact Areas: Fine Arts, Science and Technology, Athletics, Work Force Readiness, Leadership Development, Special Education, and Student Support.

The goal of Impact Now! is to help CFB students NOW by assisting them with secondary costs associated with their educational path.
This program is designed to assist individual students and/or small groups of students. CFB staff should only be filling out this application on behalf of a student or small group of students that have financial need. If you are requesting classroom supplies such as calculators, iPads, curriculum, books, or other items that would benefit an entire class or department please refer to the information about the Educational Foundation’s teacher and campus grants.

Are you looking to apply for an Impact Now! grant?
Awesome! Please answer the following question to make sure this is the right grant for your situation.

Is your idea for an Impact Now! grant for something that would benefit an entire department or classroom?

Yes, this is for my whole class, department or entire campus

No, this is to support a student, a small group of students, or a request for special education

Impact Now