Teacher Scholarships

  • Applications will be available online annually from May 1st through August 1st.
  • Teacher scholarships will be awarded at the beginning of September each year.
  • The Foundation offers THREE teacher scholarships and a separate application is required for each scholarship.

The following scholarships are available for CFBISD educators:

Kathy Shelton Scholarship

1.  Applicant must be a current teacher in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD and must have been a teacher in the Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD for a minimum of three years.
2.  Applicant must be working toward a master’s degree or a doctorate in special education and/or working toward a special education certification through a university teacher certification program.
3.  Financial circumstances will be considered but will not be an overriding, determining factor in the recipient selection.

Patricia A. James Memorial “Love of Teaching” Recognition Grant

1.  Applicant must have five years or less classroom teaching experience
2.  Applicant must be currently teaching a K-6 grade
3.  Applicant needs to be nominated by school principal, district staff, teacher OR by self-nomination
4.  Applicant my only apply if he/she has NOT previously received this grant
5.  Applicant must be teaching in CFB district at the K-6 level for the next school year

Suzy Hagar Endowed Fund for Gifted Education

  1. Scholarship/grants for educators (included, but not limited to: teachers, counselors, gt specialist, administrators) for continuing professional education which furthers their understanding about social, emotional, and academic needs for gifted children.
  2. Funds for design, development, review of GT specific curriculum or related materials and resources engaged in the classroom experience.
  3. Grants for activities which support gifted students and families, including (but not limited to) field trips, or symposiums.
  4. Grants for student enrichment benefitting gifted students in the activities such as robotics teams, research projects and/or summer programs. Funds for these activities should not benefit a single student, but a team, class or group of students.

To apply for any of these scholarships please visit our application site.

Instructions to start your application