Your Assignment: Vote! A letter from Dr. Eldredge

Dear CFB family, 

In CFB, we want to encourage a culture of voting. 2024 is an election year and a time when we can all exercise our civic responsibility by voting. Voting not only gives us a voice in our democracy but also demonstrates the importance of using that voice for students. 
Most of what we hear about elections in the media and among friends is focused on the November election for President of the United States. However, our state and local elections also have a direct impact on our lives and our community. The March 5th Texas primary elections are fast approaching, giving all of us a critical opportunity to decide who will be on the ballot in November. 
When you register to vote in Texas, you do not register as a member of one party or another. As a result, Texas has what is known as an open primary, which means that any registered voter can choose to vote in either party’s primary election — regardless of how you have voted in the past. 
Only 18 percent of registered Texas voters participated in our state’s last primary in March 2022. 
In other words, most voters do not participate in these often-decisive elections.  
Please consider voting in the primary election of your choice this spring. Learn about the candidates and decide where you want your voice heard most.  This year’s primaries include seats on the State Board of Education and our United States Senators. 
Early voting begins on February 20 and lasts until March 1, while Election Day is March 5th. I also encourage you to vote in any runoff elections that will be held later in the spring in elections where no candidate gets more than 50 percent of the vote in the primary. Voter turnout in runoff elections is typically even lower than in primaries.
Thank you for serving our students and making your voice heard in the upcoming election.
Dr.  Wendy Eldredge 
Superintendent of Schools