McLaughlin Strickland ES celebrates diversity with annual multicultural night

On Thursday, January 25th, McLaughlin Strickland Elementary hosted a multicultural night, bringing together students, families and teachers in a vibrant celebration of diverse cultures.

“Multicultural night embraces and illuminates the richness of diversity at our school,” said Valeria Rodriguez, second-grade bilingual teacher.

This annual event focuses on the education and exploration of cultures from around the world. Students collaborate with their teachers to research and present on various cultures represented within the school community. Families “traveled” from continent to continent, visiting each country and learning about their history and traditions. The following countries and continents were represented during the event:

North America

  • Mexico

  • Cuba

  • El Salvador

  • Honduras

  • Canada

  • USA

  • Australia

South America

  • Brazil

  • Argentina

  • Bolivia

  • Chile

  • Peru

  • Colombia

  • Venezuela

  • Guyana

  • Uruguay

  • Paraguay

  • Ecuador

  • Suriname


  • Italy

  • Germany

  • France

  • Greece

  • Spain


  • Madagascar

  • Morocco

  • Egypt

  • South Africa

  • Kenya

  • Zimbabwe



Deaf Culture


  • Japan

  • South Korea

For more information on cultural diversity events in CFBISD, please visit the Celebrating Cultural Moments page on the district website.