CFBISD launches substitute teacher rewards program

 Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD recently launched a new program to recognize substitute teachers, aiming to address staffing needs and ensure consistent learning experiences for students.

“Our substitute teachers are essential to student success,” said Dr. Randy Davis, CFBISD chief of human resources. “Their ability to step into a vacant position and teach is vital to keeping our students engaged and learning.”

The program rewards substitutes who meet set monthly goals for days worked. Additionally, the district acknowledges the challenges faced by high-need schools with historically low fill rates. Substitutes who frequently accept assignments at these schools are also eligible for additional recognition and rewards.

Program details, specific goals, and reward tiers are communicated directly to substitutes through the CFBISD’s “Subconnect” newsletter. The newsletter provides subs with important information, tips for success in the classroom and more.

By implementing this program, CFBISD aims to foster appreciation and support for substitute teachers. This initiative underscores the district's commitment to providing a positive and rewarding experience for all educators, including those who play a vital role in ensuring the continuity of learning for students.

To learn more about subbing in CFBISD, please visit the district’s Substitute Teaching website.