Board Meeting Protocol

Order of Business

  • Call To Order – A quorum of four members is necessary to transact business.
  • Welcome
  • Report by Superintendent of Schools
  • Recognition of Special Guests and Announcements – Throughout the year, the Board recognizes the accomplishments of students and staff.

Board Operations

  • Audience for Guests –Any visitor may complete a form on the night of the meeting and may address the Board. When addressing the Board, individuals are asked to stand at the podium microphone and state their names and addresses.
  • Consent Agenda – A consent agenda groups a number of routine items together and may be used to expedite action on routine business matters such as minutes of previous meetings, monthly financial reports, acceptance of gifts and first and second reading of policies.
  • Comments From Individual Board Members
  • Closed Session – State law permits Trustees to go into closed session to discuss such topics that include dealing with students, personnel, land acquisition, security devices and consultation with the attorney. The Board reconvenes in open, public session to take formal action on any matters.
  • Reconvene Public Session
  • Adjournment