School Supply Lists


The 2013-2014 School Supply lists for middle schools and elementary schools will be posted on your student’s campus’ website. Links to the school supply list pages will be listed below as those links are provided to us by the campuses. If there is no link to your campus’ supply list below, it is because that campus has not yet supplied this information to the Office of Strategic Communication Services. Please call your campus for more information (phone numbers of each campus are below).

For High Schools, students will need to check with their teachers concerning any supplies, as the needs for each class will vary. There is no standardized list for High School supplies.

Campus Name & Link to School Supplies  Campus Phone #
Dave Blair Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1000
Fax: 972-968-1010
L. F. Blanton Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1100
Fax: 972-968-1110
Carrollton Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1200
Fax: 972-968-1210
Central Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1300
Fax: 972-968-1310
Country Place Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1400
Fax: 972-968-1410
Dale B. Davis Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1500
Fax: 972-968-1510
Farmers Branch Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1600
Fax: 972-968-1610
Bernice Chatman Freeman Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1700
Fax: 972-968-1710
Furneaux Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1800
Fax: 972-968-1810
R. E. Good Elementary
Phone: 972-968-1900
Fax: 972-968-1910
E. L. Kent Elementary
Tom Landry Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2100
Fax: 972-968-2110
Las Colinas Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2200
Fax: 972-968-2210
La Villita Elementary
Phone: 972-968-6900
Fax: 972-968-6910
McCoy Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2300
Fax: 972-968-2310
Charlie McKamy Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2400
Fax: 972-968-2410
McLaughlin – Strickland Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2500
Fax: 972-968-2510
Kathryn S. McWhorter Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2600
Fax: 972-968-2610
Annie Heads Rainwater Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2800
Fax: 972968-2810
Riverchase Elementary
Phone: 972-968-2900
Fax: 972-968-2910
Rosemeade Elementary
Phone: 972-968-3000
Fax: 972-968-3010
Donald H. Sheffield Elementary
Phone: 972-968-3200
Fax: 972-3968-3210
Janie Stark Elementary
Phone: 972-968-3300
Fax: 972-968-3310
June R. Thompson Elementary
Phone: 972-968-3400
Fax: 972-968-3410
Campus Name & Link to School Supplies  Campus Phone #
Charles M. Blalack Middle School
Phone: 972-968-3500
Fax: 972-968-3510
Barbara Bush Middle School
Phone: 972-968-3700
Fax: 972-968-3710
Vivian Field Middle School
Phone: 972-968-3900
Fax: 972-968-3910
Dan F. Long Middle School
Phone: 972-968-4100
Fax: 972-968-4110
DeWitt Perry Middle School
Phone: 972-968-4400
Fax: 972-968-4410
Ted Polk Middle School
Phone: 972-968-4600
Fax: 972-968-4610

1445 N. Perry Rd., Carrollton, TX 75006 • 972-968-6100

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