The in-district transfer period for the 2014-2015 school year will begin Apr. 15, 2014 and ends Jun. 15 2014.

Transfers are considered based on available space and class size. However, other circumstances may influence the denial of a transfer request.  The application will not be accepted unless all transfer requirements are met.

Students shall be permitted a transfer no more than once per school year, unless they wish to return to their attendance zone school (“home campus”).  Transfers are not granted or accepted outside the deadline dates.

Transfers will have to meet the following criteria for approval:

  1. Not have been suspended, placed in the disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP), or expelled during the current or prior semester in which the transfer is requested;
  2. Not have failed any courses in the semester of petition; and
  3. Have met the 90 percent compulsory attendance rate requirement.

Students new to the District shall attend the school serving the attendance zone in which the student’s parent, guardian, or person having legal custody over the student resides and can apply for a regular transfer only during the transfer period.

The District does not provide transportation to transfer students
Transfers are approved for the entire time period in which the student is enrolled in that building. When the student is promoted to middle/high school, the transfer ends, and the student must enroll in the secondary school in the attendance zone in which he/she resides.

A letter designating approval or denial will be mailed to parents/guardian from the Office of Student Services. The approval letter from the Office of Student Services and the proofs of residency are REQUIRED and must be taken when enrolling at requested campus.


Provide (2) proofs of Residency.  Must have lease/mortgage contract (can be mortgage payment coupon) with parent’s name.

Plus one of the following: Current utility bill within the last 30 days (Electric, Gas, Water) or Cable bill.

  • An employee who lives outside of the district may request a transfer for his/her child to attend CFB schools in grades K-12.  The school requested must be open and the student must meet board approved standards for transfer.
  • Students who have participated or who desire to participate in UIL VARSITY ACTIVITIES may be restricted from participating the first year of enrollment at the new campus which begins the date of transfer.  Proper UIL TRANSFER REQUEST APPLICATION must be completed and filed BEFORE PARTICIPATION BEGINS.
  • Enrollment in SPECIAL PROGRAMS (i.e. Bilingual/ESL, Pre-K, etc) DOES NOT ESTABLISH A “HOME CAMPUS.”
  • TRANSFERS are effective on first day of the next semester in which request was approved.

The Office of Student Services has the FINAL decision on transfer requests.

The District has the right to revoke the transfer of a transfer student for violating Board Policy and/or Student Code of Conduct.

For more information, please e-mail

1445 N. Perry Rd., Carrollton, TX 75006 • 972-968-6100

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